January 06, 2016


Prometeo x Luigi Nono x Philharmonie de Paris

 Like other big names of contemporary music such as Boulez or Stockhausen, Luigi Nono the composer of Prometeo is a major representative of the School of Darmstadt. His work is very edgy and politically oriented.
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October 26, 2014


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Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Sharing with you this inspiring talk by Simon Sinek who has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.  Please watch:


September 19, 2014


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2014 Biennale des Antiquaires, Grand palais, Paris

Whether you're a full-time parisian or you're just visiting Paris now, It's an occasion to immerse yourself in the mood of the 27th "Biennale des Antiquaires" in Paris from Tuesday September 11, 2014 to Sunday September 21, 2014. Eleven days of pure wonders worth to be part of. Its a major International trade fair for antiques, fine art, jewelry (see below).
 This event is held every two years in Paris at the Grand Palais.

Biches In White Gold Necklace By Van Cleef & Arpels


Morning In Vendome Necklace By Chanel


Ailee_Necklace By Christian Dior 
 High Jewelry Necklace By Bulgari


Photos credit:
  • The 2 images related to this event are from "Biennale des Antiquaires.
  • The 4 necklace images are from "L'Officiel de la Mode Facebook's page.
August 09, 2014


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Henri Matisse - The Cut-Outs


Now in NEW YORK: ”Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” opens Sunday Oct 12 and runs through Feb. 8.


Now "Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs" a marvelous, victory-lap show that arrives from London, where it drew more than 500,000 viewers at the Tate Modern last summer, and opens in a larger form at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.  In case you missed the exhibit in London! You still have a chance to catch up with the Wisps From an Old Man’s Dreams ‘Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs,’ a Victory Lap at MoMA.



Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs

This is a cool exhibition you may want to pass this around to all people who would be happy to be there. Wait to see the paintings, you will want too. Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern in London, UK is held from 17 April – 7 September 2014. Time running now since April. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see this landmark exhibition which brings together around 120 works from the period in which Matisse began ‘cutting into colour’. Below is a quote to remember:


"I don't paint things. I only paint the difference between things." Henri Matisse




Matisse stopped painting by 1950 in favor of his paper cutouts. "The Sorrows of the King" is a collage using cut out paper shapes by Henri Matisse from 1952. It was made from paper he had coloured with gouache paint and is mounted on canvas. Its size is 292 x 386 cm. It is his final self-portrait. The Sorrows of the King , now at Pompidou Centre, Paris, is an example of Matisse's final body of works known as the cutouts.
Found here more Henri Matisse's paintings



February 15, 2014


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San Francisco - Scott McKenzie

A sweet oldie song from Monterey 1967: San Francisco performed by Scott McKenzie. People motion I see under the spotlights in this video follow the musical rhythm. I even see Jimi Hendrix.


February 09, 2014


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Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Performing Sound Of Silence & More Songs

Back in time in 1967: Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Performing - The Sound Of Silence - Sharing this song which has a powerful and timeless message about the inability of people to communicate emotionally and to love each other...


In 1981: Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Performing - The Sound Of Silence - in Central Park, in New york on August 19, 1981.


Lastest: Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Performing - The Sound of Silence - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 29 and 30 October 29 and 30, 2009


Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel in live concert in Central Park, in New york on August 19, 1981.