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Article: Miss Universe 2022

Miss Universe 2022

Miss Universe 2022

Miss Universe pageant are famous because they have been held annually since 1952 and have become a widely recognized and popular event. The competition is known for its beautiful contestants, who are typically women aged 18-27, and its emphasis on beauty, intelligence, and poise. The event is also known for its international scope, with contestants representing countries from around the world. It is often broadcast on television, which helps to increase its visibility and popularity. Here’s all you need to know about this iconic pageant.

Brief History of the Pageant

The Miss Universe pageant was first held in 1952, and was created by Pacific Knitting Mills, a California-based clothing company, as a marketing promotion for its swimwear line. The first Miss Universe pageant was won by Armi Kuusela, a Finnish beauty queen. Since then, the pageant has been held annually, with the exception of a few years in the 1970s when it was not held.

In 1996, the Miss Universe Organization was bought by Donald Trump and became a partnership with NBC. The partnership ended in 2015 and then in 2019, the pageant was acquired by IMG. The Miss Universe pageant is now considered one of the most prestigious and well-known beauty contests in the world, and has been held in locations all over the globe.

The pageant features contestants from around the world, who are judged on their physical beauty, as well as their intelligence, poise, and personality. The winner of the pageant is awarded the title of Miss Universe, and goes on to represent the organization in various charitable and public appearances. In recent years, the pageant has also focused on promoting women's empowerment and social issues, such as HIV/AIDS awareness.

The process of the Miss Universe competition typically includes several rounds of competition, including an initial round of judging to select the contestants who will advance to the final competition.

Who won the Miss Universe 2022 pageant?

On Saturday night, January 15, 2023, R'Bonney Gabriel was crowned Miss Universe. Gabriel, a fashion designer, model and sewing instructor from Texas, is the first Filipino American to win Miss USA, as per competition officials.

The 71st Miss Universe Competition, held in New Orleans, ended in a dramatic reveal of the winner, with Gabriel and runner-up Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, clasping hands. Gabriel's expression of pure joy was captured on her face as her name was announced, music thumped in the background and she was handed a bouquet of flowers, adorned with a sash, and a tiara on stage.

Nearly 90 contestants from around the world took part in the competition, organizers said, involving “personal statements, in depth interviews and various categories including evening gown & swimwear.”

Who is R’Bonney Gabriel, the new Miss Universe?

R'Bonney Gabriel, the reigning Miss Universe, is a multi-talented individual who has excelled in various fields. She is a former high school volleyball player and holds a degree from the University of North Texas. Additionally, Gabriel is also the CEO of her own sustainable clothing line. Her accomplishments were highlighted on Miss Universe organization's website.

Which country's women have won the award the most times?

Women from the United States have won the Miss Universe pageant the most times, with 9 Miss Universe titles. The first being in 1952 with Armi Kuusela, and the most recent win was in 2012 with Olivia Culpo until the Filipino American R’Bonney Gabriel won it again in 2023.

Venezuela comes in second place, with 7 Miss Universe titles. They first won in 1979 with Maritza Sayalero and the most recent win was in 2013 with Gabriela Isler.

Puerto Rico is also a country that has had a lot of success in the pageant, with 5 wins, the first win was in 1970 with Marisol Malaret and the most recent win was in 2006 with Zuleyka Rivera.

It's worth noting that the competition is highly competitive, and many countries have had multiple winners throughout its history.

How is the Miss Universe pageant awarded?

The initial round of competition usually involves a preliminary competition, where contestants are judged on their physical appearance, as well as their personal interview with the judges. This is followed by a swimsuit or athletic wear competition, which is designed to showcase the contestants' physical fitness and beauty.

After the preliminary competition, the contestants are narrowed down to a group of finalists who will compete in the final round of the competition. The final round of competition usually includes a final interview with the judges, where the contestants are asked questions about themselves, their experiences, and their views on various topics. It also includes a final round of evening gown competition, where the contestants wear formal evening gowns and are judged on their poise, elegance, and overall appearance.

The winner of the Miss Universe competition is chosen by a panel of judges, who take into account the contestants' scores from the various rounds of competition. The contestants with the highest scores are then announced as the winner and runners-up.

The winner of the Miss Universe competition typically goes on to represent the organization in various charitable and public appearances, as well as competing in other international beauty contests like Miss World or Miss International.

Societal impact of the Miss Universe pageant

The Miss Universe pageant has had a significant social impact throughout its history. One of its main goals is to promote a positive image of women and to empower them to become leaders in their communities. The pageant also focuses on promoting various social issues, such as HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and women's rights.

Additionally, the Miss Universe organization has also used its platform to raise money and awareness for various charitable causes. Many of the contestants use their time as Miss Universe to promote causes that they are passionate about, such as poverty, children's welfare, and education, using the attention they receive to bring attention to these causes and raise funds.

The pageant has also been criticized for promoting an unrealistic and narrow standard of beauty and for objectifying women. It has also been criticized for not including enough representation from different cultures and body types.

Despite the criticism, the Miss Universe pageant continues to be a highly popular and well-known event, and its contestants continue to be role models for women around the world. The pageant has also evolved and changed over time, with a greater emphasis on empowering women, and promoting diversity, and inclusion.


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