Normandy: Rouen - Mont St-Michel

Normandy: War-Torn Yet Full of Life

In peaceful Normandy, this video explores the half-timbered charm of Rouen, reflect on Monet's lily ponds in Giverny, peek in on local artisans, and set up an easel at Honfleur's harbor. Venture into composer Eric Satie's eccentric world and feast on the finest of Normandy cuisine: the land of apple juice, cider, Calvados along with cream, Camembert, Livarot, Pont-l'evêque, Maroilles, and Neufchâtel cheeses. After pondering sacrifice and celebrating.




Normandy, France: Mont St-Michel

Mont St-Michel has been among the top pilgrimage sites in all Christendom. For over a thousand years, the silhouette of this island-abbey has sent pilgrim’s weary spirits soaring.