August 27, 2015


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Hear the sound of the Earth

The love of nature is in the center of our creations. Most of the jewelry pieces in my collections are made from some organique or mineral material from earth. 


Hear the sound of the Earth moving

This is the sound of earth moving captured from the deepest open hole on the planet by the multimedia artist Lotte Geeven. For billions of years, the Earth has silently traveled through space, spinning around the sun without making a sound. Even here on the planet, there's been little to hear. But now with the right recording equipment and processing, we can get a sense of what it sounds like for the planet to spin and spin while looping around the sun. Read more...


How Earth Sounds from Space?

There is no sound in space  - it's a vacuum and there is no air. So this sound is not picked up by microphones on satellites. The following sound is from radio waves given off by the earth that's beenconverted into audio by computer. 



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