Prometeo x Luigi Nono x Philharmonie de Paris


 Atmosphere inside the concert room earlier that evening before the 2H20 minutes of the session.

If you love contemporary music, you 're going to be in trance state listening this musical piece.  I was lucky enough to be there onsite at the  "Philharmonie de Paris". Can't wait more to get the full Prometeo concert online and share it with you.



Like other big names of contemporary music such as Boulez or Stockhausen, Luigi Nono the composer of Prometeo is a major representative of the School of Darmstadt. His work is very "avant-garde" and politically oriented.

Luigi Nono's Prometeo at the "Philharmonie de Paris" was streaming live in "3D Sound - binaural". Instead we found this short video on youtube to content youEnjoy anyway!