Vegan Suede Moto Jacket Belted In Camel 'Vivienne'

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Our 'Vivienne' vegan suede motorcycle jacket
  • is a stylish vegan suede moto in soft faux suede
  • asymmetrical zip with shoulder epaulettes and bottom belt
  • James&Co monogram studs
  • camel color with matching color lining
  • will make you feel good while you look good because you're wearing James&Co Peta-approved Vegan brand womens faux suede biker jacket
  • by vegans for vegans
Real Vegan Brand
James&Co is accredited as a Peta-approved Vegan label. Many other leading brands that offer faux or vegan leather, suede or fur outerwear also make products in real leather. We don't. We are committed to crueltyfree - no animalskins here.

$0.00 – $150.00        :$10.00
$150.01 – $200.00    :$5.00
$200.01 and up         :Free

James&Co jackets are made ethically under a Supplier Code of Conduct. The factory of Mukhtar&Sons in Sialkot, Pakistan has been visited by James&Co management and confirmed to be operating in a legally compliant way. All personnel there are professional, extremely pleasant and lovely to work with!

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