Grace LED Candles Set Of 12 Flameless Votives With Holders

Flameless Votives With Holders for your home...Create an ambiance that brings tranquility to your home ... Feel the joy and peace within and in your surroundings by lighting up these candles... Just charge them all together, put each votive in the included votive holder and watch them flicker like real candles as you meditate, pray or gather your thoughts... No need to worry about the fire hazard, just feel the Grace with these candles... DETAILS:It is made of PC material.12 Votive Rechargeable Candles with on/off switchIt has 4.5 CM in diameter and 2.5cm in candle body and 2.7 CM in flame.Votive holders size: 4.2 CM X H9.2 CM X 4.6 CM (caliber).The size of charging base: 33.5 CM * wide by 10.3 CM * high by 20CM.It comes in White warm yellow flickering flame.

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