30 Ml Hair Essential Oil Hair Repair Treatment Serum Prevent Loss Improve Repair Damaged Hair Massage Oil For Smooth Glossy Hair



type06: hair growth

type05: hair loss

type04: hair repair

type03: prevent hair loss

type02: hair care

type01: hair essential oil

features04: mental hair loss

features03: hair loss after dyeing

features02: seasonal hair loss

features01: safe and gentle

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pieces: Combo

Item Type: Hair Loss Product


*1. Net Content: 30ml

*2. Gross Weight: 92g

*3. Packing Size: 10.4*3.8*3.6cm

*4. Skins: general 

*5. People: general 


*1. Made of natural plant ingredients, chemical free, providing safe and gentle care for hair. 

*2. Provide sufficient nutrition for hair roots, make hair stronger, prevent hair loss and dryness, and have obvious long-term use effect.

*3. Repair and strengthen damaged and fragile hair. Helps restore the luster and vitality of hair, and stimulates hair growth.

*4. Improve endocrine hair loss, seasonal hair loss, hair loss after dyeing, mental hair loss, postpartum hair loss and seborrheic hair loss.

*5. To prevent dry hair after shampooing, apply proper amount from hair surface to hair tip. 


*1. Proper massage on the scalp every day.

*2. Before washing your hair, evenly apply a layer of hair conditioner on the tip of your hair.

Package Includes:

1x Hair Essential Oil 

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