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KIMLUD BRAND:  is an online luxury fashion shop which capitalize on the E-commerce  technologies bridging the geographical distances between shoppers and fashion designers. Kimlud.com offers trendy, stylish, high quality fashion for all budgets. Our empowered modern woman is soft and strong, fierce and feminine, she embraces her inner beauty and creates her own style!  We provide shoppers with carefully selected high quality fashion items and chic fashion products from independent designers that are edgy. We aim to make a difference in people everyday life(style) through clothes and accessories they wear, that are made by designers from around the world being rewarded for their creations. Kimlud is more than just about a passion for fashion and style - it's an ode to life celebrating women and the joy of living.  We also want our shoppers to get ready for a jet set fashion experience by discovering and shopping top stores, mainstream brands and new labels from the comfort of their home.
Ladies and gents we have a little corner for you to shop for "Mr Right" - our KL Man Style
    KIMLUD SHOP carries designer creations for women who are the true jewels of life and the inspiration for many artistic designs. Our designers celebrate the Queen in every woman by creating stunning beautiful styles with a final  touch of chic to inspire each of you express your daily changing looks in your very own style
    KIMLUD x DESIGNERS bring chic creations that reflect the mutations of our global world.
    • Looking back in the world history, fashion design had never been contained within set borders or boundaries. Kimlud pursuits the same global inspiration.
    • Our fashion designer selection express the communion with the wonders of nature and a flavored atmosphere of all the inspiring places of the world that have a deep meaning to us.  Most of our designer creations inspire women, transcend time and space and connect women to the world culture of the past, present and future.
    KIMLUD VISUAL & DIGITAL PUBLICATION features contributions from men and women all over the world. KL's MAG or KL's Tumblr Blog bring you visual edits about the latest must-have in beauty products,  chic fashion and style inspiration from both independent fashion designers and high end well-known mainstream brands.
    Also get this brief List of our fave holiday shopping spots in North America. Plus get ready to shop our the styles and looks edits!  Enhance your inspiration, travel with us and learn about other countries culture and lifestyle. Wanna talk?:
    KIMLUD EDITOR'S PICKS: are curated by myself to resonates with our reader base at a price that they perceive as having good value. Find all goods you needs from the KL x luxurious big brands top list to:
    • showcase your creative self-expression,
    • wear outfits that look expensive, chic, classy and put together on a budget,
    • create your own aesthetic style, with a great sense of who you are,
    • add a touch of elegance to your style, with a more refined sensibility,
    • gain more confidence on creating your own signature style.
    KIMLUD FOUNDER:  I am Faustine the founder of kimlud.com
    • Boss. Professional background in programming & Information Technology. 
    • Global citizen  & world traveler.  Art collector, museum lover. Seafood aficionoda. 
    • Urban girl & Countryside goer. Natural and organic products enthusiast.  Environmental conscious.
    • Trends & style spotter. Take on challenges so you don’t have to. Unparalleled in my choice, confident in my collections, and unmatched convenience shopping experience on  www.kimlud.com
    • Shop fashion picked for you! Style!  Slay! Come back often  ;-)
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