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Article: How to Workout in Small Spaces in 2020

How to Workout in Small Spaces in 2020

How to Workout in Small Spaces in 2020


Has the pandemic disrupted your existing workout routine? Is the shutting down of fitness centres making you restless? Being stuck at home shouldn’t be your excuse for not exercising. There are tonnes of ways to take your workout home and keep up your active pace. 


For many, fitness means hitting the gym, working out at a nearby urban park or simply running around the block. But social distancing and lockdowns have forced people across the world to stay indoors. Gyms and fitness centres have shut their doors, some by official orders and others voluntarily as measures to check the spread of the virus. 


This has left fitness buffs high and dry. In the absence of spacious, well-equipped gyms and fitness centres, people are unable to keep up with workout routines. The limitations of space in smaller and shared apartments pose yet another challenge. Gone are the days when you would need ample floor space and heavy equipment to train and exercise. There are several no-equipment or minimum equipment workouts that are doable at home, despite space constraints. Here’s how the pandemic has made workouts possible in small spaces allowing you to stay fit. 


Convert your home into a workout space 

At home, exercise is slowly catching up and it is definitely here to stay. Transform your living space into a place where you can lift and leap comfortably. Choose a designated spot. If your apartment is large enough, you can dedicate a room. If not consider moving around some furniture and decluttering to create space. The place doesn't need to be too big; just roomy enough to make sure you don’t bump into things when exercising. We have some activewear for you in-store right now.


If you think you are short of exercise equipment, several household items can double up as your workout gear. Use your towels as resistance bands. Heavier objects like water bottles and soup cans can be used as a weight to perfect the bicep curl or shoulder press. Repurpose a table as an exercise bench.  


Incorporate a variety of exercises 

People around the world have their preferences when it comes to exercise. While some approaches favour an adrenaline-pumping routine, others target relaxation. Knowing what fitness looks like around the world will inspire you to incorporate different exercises into your at-home workout routine. 


A full-body workout is possible in the smallest spaces. Push-ups, lunges, bicycle crunches, jumping jacks, squats, Pilates are moves you can include. Consider low-impact cardio moves that won’t disturb your neighbours. You may also want to consider Tai Chi, the exercise form native to China. Popular as “meditation in motion”, this martial arts form adopts a holistic approach, integrating the mind, body and spirit. With its focus on gentle movements and deep breathing, it is extremely easy to learn. Tai chi helps maintain flexibility and balance, along with generating mindfulness, creating a sense of calm and beating stress. Just what you need! 


Not far behind is yoga, a form of exercise with its origins in India. In fact, it is not just an exercise but a spiritual discipline. Much like Tai Chi, it establishes a perfect union between the mind and body. The requirements are minimum – a yoga mat and a good pair of leggings or other activewear clothes you feel comfortable wearing while exercising. Even if you don’t have a yoga mat, you can make do with a towel or rug. While yoga and Tai chi can be performed by people irrespective of age, it has the most benefits for older individuals as they are not too strenuous. 


Dance makes for a great exercise too, especially when self-isolating. Put on your favourite music and get moving. Along these lines, one thinks of ballet-inspired exercises, quite popular in the UK or try out Zumba fitness. You will burn the calories without getting bored. 


Explore the world of online training 

The good thing about lockdowns is that it is making people get creative. We’ve been made to rethink how we go about mundane activities. Fitness instructors over the world are coming up with innovative ways to connect with clients. They are bringing together clients by means of online classes and live streams. 


Instructors film and broadcast workout videos using YouTube Channels. Conference and meeting apps have also made live streaming of workout sessions possible. These online sources help people self-isolating follow up with fitness routines. Also, having a professional oversee a workout keeps a check on form. You don’t want to hurt yourself with the wrong moves. 


Lack of motivation? That’s the primary reason people prefer enrolling at gyms and memberships. Keep yourself from backing out by getting workout buddies, who can accompany you virtually. 


The coronavirus pandemic is writing a new world order. The measures instituted right now are going to be in place for a while and may extend in the post-coronavirus world. At-home workouts are one of the ways to return to a kind of normalcy and to stay fit. So, kickstart your workout from your living room if you do not have a clean basement or another room you can use for your workout routines.



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