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Article: Initial Kimlud Logo & Branding Evolution

Initial Kimlud Logo & Branding Evolution

Initial Kimlud Logo & Branding Evolution

KIMLUD LOGO ICON: from the initial concep to a simple minimalist sketch creation and yet full of meaning, imagined by looking at my Ericsson smartphone shape and then I got:
  • These three empty different triangles assembled together like three open ecosystems,
  • Not all the vertexes of the triangles seem touching each other, 
  • Somehow the 3 triangles are connected to a focal intersection point and, they illustrate the K & L for KimLud.
  • Other branding details are not to explore here, you can see them highligted accross the website in colors, typography, tone and voice we use and in our passion for great style. 

When it comes to building a successful brand, one of the most important elements is a strong logo. A logo serves as the visual representation of a company and can make a lasting impression on consumers. In the case of Kimlud, a luxury lifestyle brand, the evolution of their logo and branding has played a significant role in their success.

What was the initial Kimlud logo?

The initial Kimlud logo was a simple yet elegant design. It featured the brand name written in a sleek, modern font with a small, abstract symbol above it. The symbol was meant to represent the brand's commitment to luxury and sophistication.

Why did Kimlud decide to evolve their logo?

As the brand grew and expanded its product offerings, Kimlud realized that their initial logo no longer accurately represented their brand identity. They wanted a logo that would better reflect their values and resonate with their target audience.

What changes were made to the Kimlud logo?

The new Kimlud logo underwent several changes to achieve the desired effect. The brand decided to keep the same sleek font but made it bolder and more prominent. They also replaced the abstract symbol with a more recognizable and meaningful icon.

What is the significance of the new Kimlud logo?

The new Kimlud logo features an icon that represents the brand's vision. The icon is a stylized, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the brand's dedication to style and self-expression.

How has the new logo impacted the Kimlud brand?

The new logo has had a significant impact on the Kimlud brand. It has helped to differentiate the brand and has become a recognizable symbol of style. The new logo has also helped to attract a new audience who aligns with the brand's values.

What can we learn from the Kimlud logo evolution?

The evolution of the Kimlud logo is based on the need of regularly evaluating and updating our brand identity without necessairly rebranding the vision. As a brand grows and evolves, it is crucial to ensure that the logo accurately represents the brand's esthetic and resonates with the target audience. By making strategic changes to their logo, Kimlud was able to strengthen their brand and attract new customers.

In conclusion, the initial Kimlud logo and branding evolution showcases the importance of a strong logo in building a successful brand. By making strategic changes to their logo, Kimlud was able to better represent their brand identity and attract a new audience and establish a strong and memorable visual identity.

Logo Idea from a simple idea to the Concept


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