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"The end of the labor is to gain leisure" Aristotle quote we love.  Let's go shopping now!

What is a better way of celebrating Labor Dayicon, than to spend that well-earned money on some of the great deals we prepared only for our readers like you? We all work hard every day of the year, but every year, a holiday is celebrated in our honor. We better give ourselves a pat on the back and some new treats because there sure are a lot of deals made only for us on this day.

Shop for deals and look pretty in a myriad of fall colors

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Labor Dayicon is also the mark of the changing of the seasons, so better stock your closet up with some of that fall colors because of the most romantic season is on its way. Get some of those pretty denim jeans, tweed jackets, coats and do not forget the accessories icon. One of the reasons why we love fall is we can wear great fashion and layer our outfits again. And Labor Day iconis just a bonus. We can be fall fashion ready for less.

Top fall fashion must-haves

So before you shop, we shall give you a checklist of the essentials:

Fall is for Floral dresses icon

Floral dresses are not just for summer. What is lovely about wearing a floral dress during fall? Well, it only highlights the prints of your dress and makes your outfit bloom in the midst of the natural soft tones. Go for the less vibrant floral prints (caramel or black) and soft fabric like cotton.

2 - Be a romantic in a tweed jacket or in a coat icon

Tweed is charming. Blend it with the season pretty fall colors and you get a romantic tweed look straight from a romance novel set in September. Not only that you are wearing a stylish piece but you are also dressing for the fall weather. If you need more warm feeling, layers with a tweed coats.

3 - Accessorize with a cross-body bag icon

We are in love with cross-body bags because they are convenient and they are stylish. It’s basically hands-free. We can wear it during a football game, this Labor day weekend, and just about any occasion or event. There is a craze about hand-woven body bags right now and it is not just for spring. If you want a more casual look, you can go for saddlebag or a round shape. The cross-body bag is classic meets modern.

4 - The classic look with denim pants icon

The fall fashion forecast says denim pants are trendy. And it has been trendy every year. Get this staple fashion piece and have more options if you look for LABOR DAY | X20 SALE icon deals. We all should get more pair of denim pants for looking fashionable all year round.

5 - Autumn shoes are ankle boots icon

Kick up those leaves with gorgeous shoes. Fall is the season of ankle boots icon. And boots are the epitome of fashion. We need more choices of more choices of boots in our closet, all 3 seasons all 3 season-boot-styles: fall, winter, spring. Now we need one of each fall color dress-code. Black boots are classy. It’s your go-to color. The brown brings an adventurous atmosphere. It’s your weekend boots of choice. Gray is very versatile both casual and professional.

Now that we got reminded of what are you need to be fashionable for fall. Go and get yourself the best LABOR DAY | X20 SALE icon deals. It's like treat yourself day.

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